12th December 2004...05:08pm


Hello. I like monkeys muchly.

He reminds me of Freddie Mercury. He likes holding his gun, twiddling his moustache and eating malteasers.

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Tattoo 12th February 2004...02:35pm

I got 2x new Monkey Tattoos last week. weeeeeeeeee.
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8th February 2003...10:51pm

The sinister maraige of Gregarian Chant and nersery rhymes.

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;-] 14th January 2003...04:32pm

I hope this community isn't dead, for I like monkeys too!
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mappe of monki 4th October 2002...12:23am

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raining monkeys. 1st August 2002...04:07pm

. mood ... working .

today it rained monkeys, after being so stupidly hot, and no-one picked me up from work, the one time it would have been nice to be picked up, and no-one bothers. i got a bit upset about that, like they didn't care i was being drenched after a 7 hour shift, but then i thought, 'hey y'know, i've been wishing it would rain for the past 4 days, so i should be grateful. at least i'm wet from the rain instead of from sweating my ass off, right?'

and yeah, i love the rain. it's so amazing. makes me feel all liberated. kappppow.

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four wise monkeys 30th June 2002...03:47am

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10th June 2002...03:22pm
the coolest thing i ever saw

i thought i'd write in here. some random little incoherent snatches of nothingness. the new onelinedrawing record is too beautiful. so very, very beautiful. the song 'smile' has jonah's R2-shaped drum machine not only making pleasing synthesised sounds, but REAL BONAFIDE R2 NOISES! this is very exciting, because of my penchant for synthesised grooves (a la, ian ball ping one down) and my new realisation, after seeing attack of the clones and a certain rocket jet moment, that i find R2-D2 very attractive. it's the robot thing, yknow? robots. you've gottttta love em. which reminds me, somebody sent me to www.kitschshop.com or something, and they have a WHOLE LITTLE SECTION FOR ROBOTS. i am so going to buy them all bwaahh.

her hips
her hips are like seashells
and i can hear the ocean when i listen.

i think i love jonah matranga a little more than robots. he's amber.

is this a little too disjointed and incoherent, even for my standards? i also found, finally, a copy of on a wire. this is so very exciting, because they don't even have it on amazon.co.uk, and i wasn't prepared to wait until it was released here via b-unique in about a million months time. it was £20, but i didn't care. and i haven't listened to it yet, because i have to wait until the right moment, the right context...(two nights ago, low lamplight and 3am and sticky humid heat; that was the context for the first listen of the onelinedrawing cd and i felt it strip me clean). i know that on a wire will be so beautiful though. it couldn't be anything less. it was perhaps the most heartening thing on friday, because i went into hmv in liverpool specifically looking for three cds that are very new/fairly newish american releases and that i really didn't expect to find. but i went to the o section, and i found visitor. and then i went to the g section, and there was on a wire. and i went to the p section, and there was control. it was amazing. it felt so fluent and gratifying and holding all those long-waited (long-needed) shrinkwrapped immaculate cds in my hands was just,...i don't. sort of spectacular actually. i bought the phantom planet record too, because i haven't really checked them out properly and i figure i'll like them. and the 7" of at your funeral too, just for the hell of it, and just because ultimately i want to have pretty much every saves the day thing possible.

which reminds me...my std demo. my very special, very rare demo...less than 500 made? i began to get sceptical, as there seems to be so many in circulation...and it seems fair to assume that somebody has been replicating them, selling fakes. and that mightn't be the case, but there always seems to be one for sale on ebay and...there really were less than 500 originals. so i have no way of ascertaining whether or not mine is genuine, and i WANT, NEED it to be genuine because otherwise it's just a stupid cassette with a photocopied insert. and i had faith that mine was real, because first of all...it is on a proper demo tape, with the tape being the length of the songs on it, yknow? plus mine comes with a little lyrics sheet that just struck me as authentic. but there's been one on ebay, with a paper label over the cassette, and MINE DOESN'T HAVE A PAPER LABEL AND MY NEUROTICISM HAS KICKED IN AND I'M FRETTING FRETTING. it's making me very sad. stupidly enough.

wow. i'm really talkin' some priiiiime shit here kids.

i'll fix the layout sometime later today. and i'm going to post more poosh here later, just because i CAN, and because there's nobody online that i can say all my poosh to directly. and the poosh has got to go somewhere.
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i found this monkey. 9th June 2002...09:18pm


he has a brilliant poem that describes his life, which appears on the website but which I shall now recreate in full for your reading pleasure anyway:

"Climbing, swinging, spinning in play,
all in the course of an average day.
He’s full of vigor, full of spunk,
the frenetic, kinetic
Felonious Monk"
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a million monkeys with a million typewriters 4th June 2002...02:59pm

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28th May 2002...04:00pm

I have a new job, well, not really a new one, but an old one renewed? maybe? Hm.

This community isn't really going anywhere. Which is a real shame.

{ insert very sad face }

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is it ok if i join in here? 18th May 2002...06:22pm

i don't pretend to be a monkey connoisseur in any sense, or even how to spell the connoisseur word. i just thought that looking up pictures of monkeys sounded like fun.

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9th May 2002...05:32pm

I just realised how excellent that would be as a website layout. harhar.

My website has moooved!

it's now


hohoho. for the love of monkeys.
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6th May 2002...11:06am

okay so this is like a disclaimer to say that i have started work on trying to make this here community look as sliiick as possible, but i am now going to bed. it's 11.05am and i haven't been to bed and i really want to go to bed because my eyes are all slyly closing and my head is all mushed and bed is generally a very nice place to be. soooo, it WILL LOOK BETTER THAN THIS. i've really made quite a mess of it haven't i? it will be better. i have to add some navigation to the image, for the friends page and userinfo and all that junk. and uhmmm. yes. BLAH BLAH BLAH SLEEP DEPRIVATION INCREASED RETARDEDNESS. it's a fact.

p.s - i had to pay norman the monkey five sherbet saucers and half a bag of wotsits to model for me. what a hussy.
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6th May 2002...01:11am

This is the beginning of something that will turn out to be creative and fun. And a huge success. Or maybe not. It might just be a hopeless attempt to try and do something to use up more free time. But hey. Let's enjoy it while we still can.

I guess the purpose of this community was to express the love { the LOVE } of monkeys. But not just monkeys, but everything else which we find to be beautiful. Especially moments of beauty captured on camera. Because, my goodness, I love pictures, and photographs and trashy polaroids.

So here's a picture, to start this thing off.

monkey loveCollapse )
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