avoir le diable au corps (ex_monomania898) wrote in like_a_monk,
avoir le diable au corps

okay so this is like a disclaimer to say that i have started work on trying to make this here community look as sliiick as possible, but i am now going to bed. it's 11.05am and i haven't been to bed and i really want to go to bed because my eyes are all slyly closing and my head is all mushed and bed is generally a very nice place to be. soooo, it WILL LOOK BETTER THAN THIS. i've really made quite a mess of it haven't i? it will be better. i have to add some navigation to the image, for the friends page and userinfo and all that junk. and uhmmm. yes. BLAH BLAH BLAH SLEEP DEPRIVATION INCREASED RETARDEDNESS. it's a fact.

p.s - i had to pay norman the monkey five sherbet saucers and half a bag of wotsits to model for me. what a hussy.
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